Maximus Metal Roofing - Took my money; shoddy roof job; incomplete roof job

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Maximus Metal Roofing in Trussville, AL (Birmingham), owned by Robert E. Brewster, Jr.

put (or almost completed) putting a metal roof on my home. Mr. Brewster was very anxious to get his money - asking for 1/3 more of it when dumped metal in my yard and after I had already paid one third down at the contract signing. Trusting him, I gave him the additional 1/3.

On his third time at my house to complete the roofing job, he escorted me in the house and told me the job was nearly done, would only take a couple hours more and asked for the remaining 1/3 of the contract monies. Stupidly I paid him - he left with his crew and did not complete the roofing job. I have subsequently had another roofing contractor come out, take photos and document his poor job and also the incomplete job he did. It will cost me about 50% more of what I paid him to fix his crappy job per the estimate I got.

The only resort I have is to sue him in court (I've tried everything else from Angie's List, his liability insurance, my homeowners insurance and will now go to BBB before I file a legal complaint against him). From what I can find, he may no assets (house may be in wife's name). He does have a felony record for forgery (negotiating a worthless instrument), and I am talking to 4 other unhappy customers who have a similar experience to mine and Brewster refuses to respond to them, or to honor his warranty or fix his crappy work. He has 7 complaints against him on Angie's List at this time (had none against him and outstanding reviews when I signed the contract with him last summer).

He now has 5 issues listed at the BBB when he had none against him last summer when I signed the contract. He also has a default judgment against him for $5000 for not paying a metal supplier. He didn't even respond to the complaint against him and the court awarded the plaintiff the judgment on a default. The roof from my front yard looks good; but I have areas on the roof (on the backside where I could not see the roof due to the grade of the land) where Brewster has left off rows of screws that are to hold the metal down.

He used the wrong type of trim pieces - using flashing over a gable, when he should have used rake trim. That flashing allows water to go under the metal and rot and fascias and soffits. He tore off the boot around the pipe sticking up out of my roof and did not put on a new boot - but just put goop around the pipe. That will eventually give way and I will have roof leaks.

There are other issues and wrong things he did while will cause leaks and expense to my roof that have to be redone or corrected - to the tune of $2500 when his roofing contract, which I have already paid him, was $5000. He refuses to answer my phone calls. He refuses to answer or acknowledge my emails. He does not have a state license to do roofing - and he never has.

I have a signed Affidavit of Licensure from the State of Alabama stating that he does not have a roofing license and never has had one. In Alabama you have to have a state license any time you do residential roofs of $10,000 or over. Do NOT hire Maximus Metal Roofing or Robert Brewster to do any work around your house unless you want results like I and others who have found me on Facebook have. I have found Robert Brewster to be a liar almost every time he opens his mouth.

He says he will come fix the problem - he never shows up. He agrees to go to meetings to discuss the problem - he never shows up. I am hoping he gets thrown in jail due to some other things he has done to other customers - like take money ($12,000) and never have any metal for her roof delivered to be applied - and then never put a roof on the house - never gave her a refund - as a matter of fact, when that customer demanded a refund of her $12,000, Robert Brewster told that customer that he didn't have the $12,000 to give her as a refund! Check out Angie's List for this complaint and others - but you have to put in the name of his company (Maximus Metal Roofing) to find him because Angie's List will not let his company's name come up in a search for roofers.

What do you think he did with that $12,000 if he didn't buy metal to be put on her roof and didn't have money to refund to her?? Just what did he do with her $12,000?

Until he refunds her $12,000, I would call that fraud. My advice to you - AVOID THIS CONTRACTOR.

Review about: Prepayment Fraud.



I would call it theft!


I have just paid $1100 to another contractors to fix Maximus Metal Roofing - Robert Brewster's poor work. Apparently he even left a cut in the roof he made for a ridge vent uncovered because apparently (I guess) he ran out of ridge vent metal - so instead of buying more and putting it on, he just filled the cut with caulk and goop - per this new contractor who just fixed his mess.

This new contractor put screws in between the rows Brewster put in at 5'6" apart - roofing standards call for the rows to be no more than 4' apart - so now I have rows every 33" but at least I mean the roofing standards now. The correct trip pieces are now on - the gutter guard has been turned over, high density foam has been put under the edges of the ridge vent cap to keep rain, insects and animals out of my attic. End caps on the ridge vents ae straight and fasten properly. Screws added on end pieces of trip - not enough screws - boots added on pipes sticking up through roof.

Screws added around the boots, roof vents, roof vent fan. The job looks good and I am assured of a long lasting roof thanks to this 2nd contractor fixing and completing the crappy job Maximus Metal Roofing did on my roof. Avoid Maximus Metal Roofing like the plague.

By the way - I am not from anywhere but the Birmingham, AL area - I don't know why my review show I am from St. Louis area.

to S***ylady Birmingham, Alabama, United States #1304202

Do you have an address on this Brewster guy?


Please note the lack of screws in the photos - how is the metal going to stay down in a windstorm? I am assuming there are screws at the top and the bottom but roofing standards call for several horizontal rows of screws across the panels at 3-4' widths. his rows in the front at 5.5' apart and many screws are absent in the backside of the roof.

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